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Dryer Installation 


What We Do for Dryer Repair

  • Call before we arrive
  • Give you an estimate before we begin work
  • Fix it right the first time
  • Guarantee our work
  • Give you a discount on a replacement product at Sears if you choose not to do the dryer repair
  • Offer you special discounts on products and accessories while we're there, so you can make the most of your dryer

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Is the dryer cycle taking too long?
    If your clothes are taking too long to dry, make sure the hoses are not kinked or crushed. Dryer lint can also cause long drying times, so be sure to get your vents cleaned once a year.
  • Is your dryer making noises, vibrating or rocking?
    A noisy, vibrating, or rocking dryer may need to be leveled. Use shims to level the dryer, tighten the nuts on the dryer’s feet and make sure all four feet touch the ground.
  • Is your clothing not drying properly?
    If your clothing is still wet after a drying cycle, the problem may have started in your washer. Make sure items are evenly distributed and avoid over or underloading the washer.

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