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Range & Kitchen Hood Installation 

Range Hood

What We Do for Range Hood Installation

  • Deliver and unpack your range hood
  • Inspect it for damage or defects
  • Determine if any additional work needs to be done (we’ll always tell you and give you an estimate before we start)
  • Connect your new range hood to necessary, code-approved utilities
  • Remove your old range hood and place it in a location you choose
  • Level and secure it and install manufacturer-supplied safety hardware if necessary
  • Test your range hood to ensure it performs properly
  • Give you easy-to-understand instructions
  • Back up our work with a strong one-year warranty
  • Clean up and dispose of any job-related debris
A professionally installed range hood can last for many, many meals to come. We stand by our range hood installation with a tough one-year warranty. And our nationwide network of service pros is right around the corner.

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