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Our Repair Service

Many of the problems you'll have with a broken range can be fixed by checking the owner’s manual. But since often times you may be working with gas and flame, replacing a spark ignition system would require the hands of a professional Sears range repair technician. Our local service technicians come from a service network of thousands, and receive up-to-date training on gas and electric range brands like Kenmore, Amana, Jenn-Air, and more. Schedule an appliance repair appointment now.

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90 Day Guarantee

90 Day Warranty
The Sears Home Service Guarantee

If, within 90 days from the date of your range repair, your appliance fails to operate for reasons related to the original appliance service, we will replace any parts that failed due to defects in material or workmanship. We will also perform any range maintenance or repair related to the original service free of charge. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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ServiceSmart™ Agreement

A ServiceSmart Agreement covers the cost of the initial range repair and provides 12 months of protection. Price includes everything to fix your gas or electric range, including: trip fee, diagnostic charge, labor (technician's time in the home) and parts up to $500. It also provides you with an extended 12 month protection agreement and unlimited service calls in case anything should go wrong in the future, and appliance maintenance or repairs are needed. If you would like more information regarding the ServiceSmart agreement, give us a call today!

Already Have a Warranty or Protection Agreement?

Then you're entitled to free range maintenance and repair support from our Technical Specialists. If you give us a call, we can help you get your range working again. If we can‘t help you over the phone, we'd be happy to schedule a range service appointment for you.

What to Expect for In-Home Repair Service

It comes down to trust. The Sears brand you're loyal to, and expert technicians you can rely on. Let us walk you through how our repair service works.

You’ll receive an automated confirmation call the day before your scheduled repair.

The technician will call prior to arrival.

The amount of time prior to the expected arrival varies based on the technician’s schedule.

Payment for In-Home Repairs is Easy

Our Repair technicians will process payment and any coupons or discounts at the time of service. We accept all the major credit cards as well as many Sears gift and club cards. We also accept cash and check.

We Accept all Major Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, America Express, Discover, as well as many Sears Gift and 

Club Cards

Symptoms & Solutions

My range is not working.

The electronic control board would need to be replaced if it has failed. Power surges, bad transformers, or shorted bake elements can cause this to happen.

My range is not baking.

The oven ignitor can burn out from age, possibly trip the circuit breaker, and damage the control board. It may need to be replaced.

The clock on my range is reading an error message.

The electronic control board might need to be replaced if it's incorrectly reading the information sent from other component sensors.

The top burners on my range are not working.

The surface ignitors should be kept clean. Even so, they may have problems sparking, and would need to be replaced.

My range has no power.

The circuit control board would need to be replaced if it has failed. Power surges, bad transformers, or shorted bake elements can cause this to happen.

The door to my range is not opening or closing.

The electronic control board might be sending the wrong signals, and would need to be replaced.

My range is making a strange noise.

The electronic control board can make strange noises when it fails, and might need to be replaced.

The broiler is not working on my range.

The broil ignitor may wear out over time, and eventually fail to open the safety valve providing gas to the broil burner. It may need to be replaced.

My oven is not baking, but the cooktop works.

The oven ignitor may wear out over time, and eventually fail to open the safety valve providing gas to the bake burner. It may need to be replaced.

My range is not baking and the cooktop doesn't work.

The spark module provides the voltage required by the spark ignitors, and may have failed.


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