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We will never go to anyone else for any future purchases or home improvements. Hartford, CT
  • Dear Sears Home Services,
    In addition to completing the questionnaire and giving the highest marks possible, I am writing to express how pleased my wife and I are with the installation process. The installers took on every carpentry problem as it came up. I am very impressed that they took these problems in stride and worked on the project until it was done in a very professional manner. the final product was great and the end result exceeded our expectations. We are thrilled with our new kitchen and how it came out. As a lawyer, I do not often find myself writing letters of praise, but this project has given me the occasion to write something that is very supportive and complimentary.

    Finally, I would like to offer a word of praise for the salesman we initially dealt with. His advice was very good and he did a wonderful job walking us through the selection process. We have no regrets about the choices we made as a result of the time he spent with us. Also, because he spent so much time, we understood exactly what to expect during our renovations. He played no small role in making our kitchen renovation a tolerable experience.

    - Satisfied Sears customer, Clarks Glen, PA

  • Dear Sears Home Services,
    I am writing in regard to some cabinets we recently purchased through Sears Home Improvement Center. We are remodeling our kitchen. We chose the oak cabinets with the arch design. Not only are the cabinets beautiful, they really exceeded our expectations.

    In our previous house, we installed custom-made cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms. I can sincerely say your product is superior. Needless to say, they look very nice and have greatly improved the appearance of the kitchen. I was never much of a cook, but I am getting excited about my kitchen and using it.

    - Satisfied Sears customer, Tampa, FL

  • Dear Sears Home Services,
    I would like to thank the gentleman who did the kitchen remodel for me. The countertop came in about 1 inch deeper on the corner. Instead of having to wait for the counter to be re-ordered, our installer was able to fix the problem, which I understand would have cost your company a few thousand to replace. He saved us the inconvenience of having the kitchen torn up for another three weeks. He did a fabulous job with the installation. I am a very hard to please consumer. I check every detail closely, and I didn't find any problems. Once again, 'thank you' for the fantastic job you did so quickly, Sincerely,

    - A Sears satisfied and happy customer, Folsom, CA

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