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Never paint again!

Siding Service Overview

What type of siding you choose to place on the exterior of your house will have a lasting impact on the value of your home. Choose Sears Home Services for your house siding installation and replacement and we'll ensure your home is well protected. We offer a great selection of premium vinyl siding that is virtually maintenance free and does not corrode or dent like other product options, as well as a variety of accents, accessories, and styles for your home improvement project!

Choosing the Right Product

Do Nothing

You could choose not to update or replace the siding on your house. This is always an option, but you'll continue to have high-energy bills, no change in aesthetic value, potential drafts and insect infiltration, and no increase in home value.


• Requires frequent painting, rots, absorbs dirt, paint flakes, fades and peels.

• Cost of scraping and repainting every 3-4 years adds up.

Simulation: Click to watch what happens to wood siding after 10 years...

Fiber Cement

• Will not decay like wood, but requires frequent painting

• If installed incorrectly it can allow water to enter and rot the material behind the siding

• Can stain from moisture

• Generates silica dust when cut which is an OSHA concern

• The cost may exceed the price of vinyl siding without offering similar protection

Liquid or Spray On

•Lasts longer than wood but it dents, scratches, chalks, and corrodes
•Provides negligible insulation value
•Painted metal siding requires refinishing over time.
•PVC coated finishes may peel and flake over time.


•Resists weather and does deteriorate, rot or absorb moisture
•Can be formed to fit a variety of shapes, edges and curves
•Offers the most strength and longevity of all siding materials

Return on Investment

Use the interactive tool below to understand the value of vinyl siding installation. Click on each of the tabs to the right to see the average resale value and how much you will recoup on your home improvement investment.

The Replace Siding/Resale Value tab shows you the national average job cost, resale value and cost recouped. The High Cost of Painting tab allows you to enter the cost of painting to see how much you will save over the life of your vinyl siding. The Energy Savings tab lets you enter your average monthly energy costs to estimate how much you will save from the vinyl siding insulation performance.

About Weatherbeater

The secret is out. America chooses vinyl siding more than any other exterior solution. What are the benefits? Longevity, easy upkeep, an upscale appearance and superior durability—to name a few. Choosing the Sears-exclusive Weatherbeater brand brings three levels of Energy Star-approved vinyl siding options that are American made—and provide some of the best warranties in the industry.

•Solid vinyl siding

•Subtle woodgrain/low gloss finish

•Â½â€ butt profile on siding panel

•Impact modifiers and heat stabilizers added for lifetime protection

•Specialized Titanium dioxide placement

•Sidings installed with an ENERGY STAR approved underlayment system

•Lifetime transferable product limited warranty

•1 year craftsmanship limited warranty

•Made in the USA

•Light brush grain, low gloss finish with 5/8” butt profile and 2 year craftsmanship warranty

•Impact modifiers and heat stabilizers added for lifetime protection

•Specialized Titanium Dioxide placement

•Siding installed with an ENERGY STAR underlayment system

•Lifetime transferable product limited warranty

•Extended 2 year craftsmanship limited warranty

•Made in the USA

•Solid vinyl siding

•Reinforced nailing system

•CenterLock feature

•Built-in “Hammer stop”

•Â¾â€ butt edge on siding panel

•Siding installed with an ENERGY STAR approved underlayment system

•Impact modifiers and heat stabilizers added for lifetime protection

•Specialized titanium dioxide placement

•Superior surface distortion resistance

•Double lifetime transferable product limited warranty

•Made in the USA

Accents & Options


Shutters are a great way to accent areas of your home. Choose from louvered, board and batten and raised panel. These come in a variety of color options that can be coordinated with your Weatherbeater® siding selections.

Wood Trim

Make your windows pop with wood window trimming. Give your home a decorative, high-end look that will help increase your resale value and make your house stand out in the neighborhood.

Finishing Touches

Gable Vents

Light Fixtures

Electrical Outlets



Why I should Insulate:

If you have an older home, you may have little to no insulation or old insulation hat has settled and lost its original R value. Lack of insulation can cause temperature fluctuation throughout the home resulting in hot and cold spots or temperature differences from upstairs to downstairs. Inadequate insulation or damaged ductwork will also increase energy bills.

Adding insulation can reduce your energy costs, reduce noise infiltration, and increase the value of your home.


Insulation is rated in terms of thermal resistance, called R-value, which indicates the resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating effectiveness. Below is a map of the insulation recommendations for new homes.

How Insulation Works:

Adding Insulation

• Reduce energy cost year round
• Reduce noise infiltration into the home
• Provide one of the highest ROIs of any home improvement
• Increase the value of your home



83.3% of reviewers give us a TOP ranking of 100% satisfied

Quick and Efficient
I just want to let you know how pleased I am with my new siding. I couldn't be happier! Although my house is only 15 years old, it looks the same as the day I purchased it! I couldn't have gotten a better crew to do the job. Real professionals (hard working, friendly and courteous)! They were real gentlemen and put my mind at ease that the job would be perfect! When the weather did not cooperate, they always stopped by or called to let me know where I stood. Again, your guys are "real craftsman", and a credit to Sears. Thanks again for a super job!
A happy and satisfied customer | Richmond, VA
Couldn't be happier!
I am writing this letter to express my thorough satisfaction with my in home design consultant and your Sears home siding department. He provided me with very detailed information which enabled me to compare Sears' siding with the other products presented by your competitors. He also worked with me in regards to pricing and financing. The installation team arrived and finished on time, leaving the surrounding area spotless. I couldn't be happier with the results. I would not hesitate to recommend Sears to anyone interested in re-siding their home.
- Satisfied Sears customer | Melville, NY

Siding Installation

Watch the video above for a brief overview of the entire vinyl siding installation process from measurement to clean up by Sears Home Services.

Sears Difference

Sears Home Services prides itself in efficient and professional siding home installation services. Engaging in a large home improvement project can be a stressful situation, but we strive to make the installation run smoothly. Here's what makes us different from the rest:

• Our service crew hauls away all demolition debris, cleans up, and wipes down everything after itself once the installation project is completed

• We believe in full transparency. You'll know how many people are coming out to work on your project, and your project coordinator is available by phone or email at any time you have a question or concern

• We show up on time, professionally dressed and ready to serve you

• We respect your property and privacy

• Sears has been in business for over 125 years, and we're known for backing up our products

Have you ever hired a company that talked a good game, but when it came to performing the work, their workmanship was less than desirable? We know how frustrating that situation can be. When you hire Sears Home Services, you will not encounter this problem. We only hire quality technicians and contractors who are fully vetted. Check out our satisfaction ratings to see what our customers say about our work.

Master Certified Technicians and Contractors: Our team goes through rigorous testing and training. They learn and follow the Sears Standard Operating Procedure for all of our product installations that often exceed normal standard installation procedures

Skilled Labor: Sears Home Services only hires the best labor in the business. Our siding contractors specialize in siding installation and repair. They don't work across multiple products

Detailed Vetting Process: If we hire a sub-contractor to assist with your home improvement project, all of them go through a rigorous vetting process which includes routine background checks, fiscal health, and training on the Sears Standard Operating Procedure

Licensed and Insured: Everyone who steps on your property will be licensed and insured against the unlikely event of property damage or bodily injury

Why Sears?

• You can trust us to be there through the life of your project and equipment. Sears has been in business more than 125 years. When the life of a home renovation project should last 15 to 20 years or more, why would you call someone else? More than 69% of contractors fail within the first 7 years*.

• We provide complete project management from start to finish. When you contract with us, we assign a dedicated project manager to your job. Their role is to coordinate all aspects of the completion of your project including permitting, ordering of materials, local sub-contractor management and more. You deal with only one person who is dedicated to your complete satisfaction across all the elements of the work. No worry about buying the materials yourself from one place, finding contractors to do the work or coordinating delivery and work scheduling between the two.

• As part of our service, we fully qualify and vet the local sub-contractors and technicians who work on your home. This includes bonding and insurance, background checks, quality control of their work effort and much more.

• We do it right the first time! Trusting a Sears team ensures your siding is installed and complete the first time. We focus on complete customer satisfaction and will not deem your project complete until you have signed off on the certificate of completion that indicates everything is as you ordered.

When you choose Sears Home Services for a free consultation, you will receive personalized service and attention from the minute our project coordinator or consultant shows up at the door. Our professional, experienced consultants and coordinators are employees of Sears Home Services, and they have gone through a rigorous training program to answer all of your questions about our siding products and installation process. Our interactive, computer presentation will help you visualize your siding options and craft a comprehensive package to fit your needs. We will also provide sample products so you can touch and feel the various selections and options.

Reasons to schedule an appointment today:

• Our project coordinators will answer all your questions, provde product demonstrations and walk you through all the decisions for designing your siding remodel to match your goals, home and lifestyle

• Helpful customer service representatives standing by 24/7 to schedule your appointment and answer your questions

• A call before we arrive to let you know we’re on our way

• A complete, written estimate before we begin any work

• Personalized attention to detail to select the right type, color, and accents for your siding project

The goal of Sears is that you are completely satisfied with your purchase of home improvement products and services. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please let us know by:

Calling Sears Home Improvement Products at
1-866-239-2666 option 4

Emailing a request to

Upon receiving your request, our customer service team will act promptly to achieve your satisfaction subject to the Limited Warranty on Installation described in your contract and our cancellation and Returns Policy for Sears Home Services described below. Your satisfaction is important to Sears.

Cancellation and Returns Policy For Sears home Improvement Products

Custom-made Orders.

Merchandise orders that have been manufactured to custom measurements decided by the customer are called Custom made Orders. Custom-made Orders include but are not limited to, cabinetry, custom window’s entry doors, and countertops. Custom-made Orders may not be returned for credit or refund. If upon delivery or installation of any Custom-Made Order a manufacturing error is discovered and confirmed by Sears’ inspection, Sears will correct, repair, or replace the merchandise in question.

Special Orders.

Any merchandise ordered from vendor catalogs or website that Sears does not carry in its everyday stocked inventory is called a Special Order. Returns and cancellations of uninstalled Special Orders are subject to a restocking fee equal to thirty percent (30%) of the purchase price, plus applicable freight charges. However, the thirty percent restocking fee will not be charged on Special Order returns and cancellations if your merchandise:

Does not match your order specification

Has as a defect in manufacturing

Is damaged in shipment

Order was canceled in accordance with the Notice to Buyer section of your contract before the described deadline.

Installed± or Built-In Merchandise.

Due to significant additional cost associated with installed or built-in merchandise, no returns or exchanges of installed or built-in merchandise are allowed (See Limited Warranty or Installation). However, in certain circumstances and solely at Sears’ discretion, Sears may allow installed or built-in merchandise to be exchanged or returned if the customer pays all installation and de-installation charges plus the applicable restocking feed and freight charges.

Sears’ Limited Warranty on Installation±

In addition to any manufacturer warranty extended to you on the product(s) used (which warranty becomes effective on the date the merchandise is installed), if the workmanship (or application) of any Sears’ arranged installation proves faulty within one year*** after the products are installed, then upon notices from you Sears will cause such faults to be corrected by repair at no additional cost to you. If Sears determines that repair is not commercially practicable or cannot be timely made, then, at Sears’ sole discretion, Sears may elect to provide replacement or refund. Service under the Limited Warranty is available by calling Sears Home Improvement Products at 1-866-239-2666, option 4 or other method as mentioned above. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from State to State.

*** PLEASE NOTE: The limited warranty on installation for many Sears Home Improvement Products purchases exceeds one year. Please see your contract for the precise length of Sears Limited Warranty on Installation.

When you purchase your siding installation through Sears Home Services, you’ll receive:

• Low monthly payments
• Flexible payment options
• Instant credit
• 100% financing available*

Siding is one of the best investments to make in your home. it offers the highest return on your investment, and dramatically increases the resale appeal of your home. We’ll walk you through every step of the way, from applying for financing to managing your payments.

Trusted Warranties by Sears

At Sears Home Improvements, we know how big of an investment a home improvement can be, and we eliminate any worry about a defective product and labor. Our goal is to satisfy you and that’s why we stand by our Satisfaction Guarantee.

• Written product limited warranty

• Written labor limited warranty

• Public liability protection

• Worker’s compensation protection

• Property damage insurance

• Satisfaction Guarantee

We're here for you.
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